Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Halloween stuff I need to paint tonight

I started this couple last month but stuff got in the way of me finishing them. I hope to have them sanded and painted tonight so we can display them on Halloween. They are ready to attend a halloween party. She has brought with her a black bird pie for their host.

Here is a little guy I did awhile back.


Regina said...

OMGOSH...I love this couple. Birdie pie..yum yum..LOL!! Hope you post pics after they are your work Darel. Ohh the lil pumpkin guy is so cute...can't let the Chazman see him or he will be wanting him..hehe!! How in the world do you do the teeth so good? I'm impressed..very very impressed!!!

Hugs to you and Peggy,

Darel Medley said...

Well thank you Regi. It was a lot of fun sculpting these guys. I have been meaning to tell you, Peggy is in remission again and everything is going great. Thank you so much for the prayers and thoughts.


Marijke said...

A really good job you've done here again!
and..did you get them finished in time?
Here in the Netherlands we've got the time util 11th of november,so it wouldn't be a problem here :)

Your little guy is also very sweet btw!

(And the pumpkin is 7,9 inches high, and 9 wide ;) )


duendes said...

hello is very cut.hugs