Friday, October 15, 2010

Lefty is done except for his base.

I still have to build his base, but other than that I think I am through.
Have a great Friday.


PamP said...

Lefty is fantastic! I love his look! Bravo Darel!

Marijke said...

he's awsome!

How did you do the chesthare?
just adding glue n his chest and por out the hair on it?

Marijke said...

whaaa typed chesthare instead of hair...whaaaaa...sorry for that,but it is quit funny as well!

Darel Medley said...

Thanks Pam!

Marijke I actually made a slury (I think that's the word) of polymer clay and stuck the hair in it and used a heat gun to cure it.

I put a thin layer of clay over the chest area and brushed on some turpentine. It makes it really gooy. Pressed the ends of the hair into it, heated it with the gun. When it was cool I trimmed the hairs back.


Trolineke said...

I had to laugh once when I saw the picture.
This is so funny. Great work.

niknik said...