Wednesday, October 13, 2010

More on Lefty, but still not finished yet, but he is getting there.

I have almost finished painting Lefty. I have gotten his gloves and boots finished. The gloves are polymer clay that I have painted with acrylic paint, and the boots are made of leather with waxed leather strings. The gloves have not been glued onto the body yet. That's why I have the support on the left glove. Sorry about the photos. I do need to set up some lights. All comments are welcome. Thanks!


Marijke said...

He's gonna be stunning!
Don't worry about the pictures,it's hard to get that right.
And WIP photo's don't have to be that good I think,when there sharp it is good enough.
it's logical you want to use your time for the figure to make instead of being busy with lamps etc.
(I made pictures in my kitchen yesterday and that isn't the best place either....haha)


Darel Medley said...

Thanks Marijke, I never think of the lights for taking pictures until I'm taking pictures. But, I do need to work on that... ...someday.

The Pixie Knoll said...

Darel! He's awesome! I absolutely love him. What a neat character and he tells such a wonderful story. I can't wait to see him completely finished. He's a winner in my ring!


Darel Medley said...

Thanks Lori, and thanks for stopping by. It is always good to hear from you.