Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Einstein is next.

Here is the next sculpt. It's the middle head from the previous post Three Heads. I have always wanted to sculpt Einstein, so here's a few pic's of the progress. He will be riding the bike pictured below. Finishing up the body, hands and feet tonight. Then a long night of doing the clothing, my slowest part.

I am still not sure is he will have a full sculpt body or a cloth body. Need to decide that pretty quick.


Regina said...

He looks AWESOME Darel....great job. Excited to see him riding that bicylce!!!

Darel Medley said...

Thanks Reggi, Hope to have him there by this week end.

LaurelsArt said...

Did you make the bike too?
This it truly amazing. Good Job.

The Pixie Knoll said...

I must say, that Einstein head is PERFECTION! You have really captured the likeness in my opinion. Either that, or it might make a good stand in for Mark Twain! :-D I can see it happening.

On a side note, ...I'm a John Prine fan ya never would have guessed. haha It's a small world after all.


Darel Medley said...

Laurel, I bought the bike at Hobby Lobby. You got love that place. They have just about everything.

Lori, I have been a John Prine fan for as long as I can remember.
Also, if I can't make einstein work, I can always fall back on twain.

Thanks for stopping by.

duendes said...

hello friend Darel,
how nice your work is so wonderful your ability of model.
You really are a great artist.
big hugs

Darel Medley said...

duendes, thanks for droping by and thanks for the compliment. It is always good to hear form you.

Anonymous said...

Great face.
Very good job.
Your are a Einstein with sculpting.

Darel Medley said...

Lineke, Thanks so much you are too nice. Thanks for dopping by.