Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Einstein is being stubborn and is not finished yet.

I was hoping to have him finished by now, but he still needs a bow tie, a jacket, a base and a hair style. Maybe tonight. But here are a few shots of how he is coming along.


Marijke said...

I've not been here for a while and apparently have missed a lot !

I love Einstein!!

Darel Medley said...

Thanks Marijke, He is almost finished. Maybe tonight. Thanks for dropping by.

Marijke said...

You too!!

Sorry,I had to change the setting for approval on my blog,but I got so many spampreactions that I was busy every day to remove them.
Hopefully this is temporarily....!

The Pixie Knoll said...

Even with the little bits and pieces that are left to do yet, Einstein is absolutely fantastic! You have really done a fantastic job on bringing him to life. Love it! I can't wait to see the odds and ends on the completion.


Darel Medley said...

Thanks Lori! I haven't been able to work on him. This weekend is open so I hope to finish him and one other. Great to hear from you.

duendes said...

hello my friend, beautiful creation, i loved it!
In our blog there is a marriage that you can't lose,ok?
Happy weekend,

Darel Medley said...

Duendes, I visited your blog and yes it looks like it was a great marriage. What a great couple.
Thanks for sharing.