Monday, May 7, 2012

Yard work

Got a chance to take a break from working on the house and do a little yard work. Getting to actually work in the yard is a lot of therapy for me.


Doodles said...

Love the differences in the before and afters. Gardening and yard work are good for the soul.

Darel Medley said...

Debbie they are aren't they. Thank you for dropping by. Thanks for being a friend.

Marijke said...

hey Daryl! Nice to hear from you!
Reading a bit back on your blog I realise that you've (had) a hard time the last few months.
Hopefully it is going better now with your wife!

Yes,I really miss the clay,but I'm sure there will be time in the future to make a doll or buste again.

Btw I love your yard...what a relaxing place that is,wow!

Darel Medley said...

Thanks Marijke, I do hope you get to sculpt soon. Take care.