Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Work on the three heads continues

I decided to work on the elf head first. This is where it is headed. He is a scout for the lake regions that he lives in. He will be sitting on a lilly pad taking a break and having a smoke on his pipe when he is finished.
The frog is an old companion of his since childhood. More as it developes. Any comments to help it along would be most appreciated. Thanks Darel



Trolineke said...

This is so fun.
I find it very beautiful.

Darel Medley said...

Ineke, Thank you so much. And thanks for stopping by.

duendes said...

Hello my friend, I hope that you is good.Your creations are wonderful.
Happy week with sun and peace for you.
Blessing and hugs.

Heather Paige said...

Love it so far!!

Regina said...

OMGOSH...Darel...I love this..it is coming along nicely. How did you do the wings? Nosey minds want to know..hehe

Do you remember my 2 faerie race pieces? I have been working on a frog and a cricket rider to continue the series. Your frog and rider would be most welcome the day of the race..LOL!!!


Hope Peggy is doing great!!